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A blend of Pinot Noir (80%) and Chardonnay (20%), this champagne can be drink at all occasions.  It is the wine of friendship, conviviality, the pleasure of excellence. It is available in Brut and in Demi-Sec. May be served with gourmet dishes, poultry, white fish. 

Cuvée Montgolfière

The blend of Pinot Noir (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) gives this champagne its freshness and lightness. The power of the Pinot noir will be moderated by the delicacy of the chardonnay. It is a champagne ideal to share with friends in the afternoon. Elegant with fish, shellfish, seefood and Asian food.

Rosé de Saignée

This champagne is obtained by soaking and pressing the Pinot Noir grapes when harvested. The method, called ‘by bleeding’, allows to, according to the year, obtain a soft or a strong Rosé with the flavours of red fruit.  A rosé of bleeding quite colorful, fragrant nose, cherries, sour cherries, wide mouth, tasty, winy but without harshness, very fragrant creamy. Enjoy with a Carpaccio salmon, smoked salmon, grilled prawns and also on just before grilling chicken fillets with sautéed Summer vegetables. As dessert with fresh strawberries. 

Cuvée de Réserve

This blend of Pinot Noir (70%) of several years and Chardonnay (30%) is made from the first must that has been pressed, called cuvee, and is characterized by its outstanding finesse. The wines made from our best vineyards are used for this blend. The Cuvée de Réserve is also available in Magnum, due to its volume being particularly suitable for the development of the fine qualities of a wine. This is the champagne for big occasions, cocktails, celebrations… Try it with comté or parmesan cheese. 

La Grande 

This champagne is made from 100% Pinot Noir from our old vineyards. This wine is aged in barrels for about six months. To discover… Flavour of sweet spices. Dare with atypical and slighty dishes. 

Côteaux Champenois

The Côteaux Champenois is a AOP wine produced in part of the Champagne vineyard. It is a still wine.We offer a dry Coteaux Champenois Blanc, made exclusively from Pinot Noir.It will delight your taste buds by tasting seafood or by accompanying a fresh goat cheese.