Champagne Jacques Rousseaux
Champagne Jacques Rousseaux


Verzenay is a very old champagne village: where one can still find historical traces from the 9th-century. The vineyards were without doubt present from the beginning of its history.

In the archives of the village one finds the name of François Rousseaux in 1776. In Champagne the numerous vine growers cultivated their vines throughout the year and sold their harvest to the trade houses.

Paul Rousseaux, born in 1884, followed a project shared with numerous other vine growers: produce his own champagne and market it himself (in 1999 we tasted the contents of one of these bottles, the wine was still fresh, with the color of old gold).

Paul had two children, Pierre and Michel. Pierre married Charlotte Degouy and they continued to cultivate the vineyards and to make their champagne, despite the conflicts that devastated Europe and our region during this period.

They had four children: Jacques, Anne-Marie, Luc and Dominique.

And today ...

Jacques, the eldest son, continue to cultivate the vineyards of the family, who trust in him. With his wife, Bernadette, they have developed their market during 30 years.

Since January 2001 Céline and Eric, two of their three children, welcome you at the house of Jacques Rousseaux at VERZENAY.